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Walters, the former co-host of the “Today” show, ABC World News, “20/20,” and current co-host of “The View,” is a national icon and a pioneer, and probably as responsible as any other living person for the ridiculous and sorry state of American television journalism.

She has announced her retirement a year in advance, so that a series of aggrandizing specials can be produced celebrating her long and storied career.

Wikipedia says 88 year-old Brooke now lives in Miami with his second wife and has two daughters and a son.

He has refused to comment about Walters’ memoir and their supposed affair.

She was also involved in love affairs more than once.

So let’s get things started off right, by reminding everyone how her entire public life has been an extended exercise in sycophancy and unalloyed power worship.

When she’s not interviewing famous people, Walters is partying and vacationing with and occasionally dating them.

And today we explore the legacy of Barbara Walters that she has developed in a span of five decades and celebrate her life.

Barbara Walters, a household name in Hollywood, started her television career as a writer and segment producer for “women’s interest stories” on NBC News’s The Today Show.

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, Barbara's "recent dates" with Frank Langella, a man Whoopi dated -- and lived with -- for a few years in the 1990s, is causing tension between "The View" co-hosts.