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Posted by / 17-Aug-2017 22:40

It did not work when I tried connecting my Sony Vaio VGN-FE660G notebook To Samsung LN-S4692D LCD TV using a monitor cable.

So I wonder if there is any compatibility problem between these two? Hmmmm from the specs Here it seems as tho' it should work fine.

I understand that I can purchase an external USB CD drive and then boot from that. The reason for using a flash device instead of a CD is: Booting this flashdrive has been working for years on hundreds of computers but I just have this one computer that I cannot figure out how to get it to boot on.

I have a Sony Vaio that will not boot to this device...

Turn off the laptop, unplug AC adapter and remove battery.

Using a small screwdriver press on the locking latch above the Insert key and lift up the right side of the keyboard. Do the same with the second latch and lift up the keyboard from the laptop base. Place the keyboard upside down on the palm rest so you can access the cable connector underneath. In order to unlock the cable connector move the black clip about 2 millimeters towards the touch pad. If you break the connector, you’ll have to remove the motherboard.

To resolve the problem I experienced, I had to write a script to rebuild the ISO for the image I was trying to boot to using .

In the old days, we would always be able to enter the boot menu, select the media and get an error message when attempting to boot. When the palm rest assembly is removed you get an access to the hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card and CMOS battery. Remove three screws securing the hard drive assembly. If you are replacing or upgrading the hard drive you’ll have to transfer the mounting bracket and cable from the old drive to a new one. This adapter has to stay attached to the motherboard. In one of the previous guides I explain how to remove the LCD screen and inverter board from a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ series laptop. On the picture below the connector is shown in the unlocked state. Release the touch pad cable and remove the palm rest assembly. There is an adapter between the DVD drive and motherboard. If you would like to replace the CMOS battery, simply unplug it from the motherboard and replace with a new one.GENUINE OEM SONY VAIO VGN-SZ230P SZ SERIES CMOS BIOS BATTERY PCG-6Q2L 1620LC12 PCG-6Q2L 1620LC12 WORKING PULL FROM SONY VAIO VGN-SZ230P. 7 DAYS NON DOA GUARANTEE, No other warranties apply. on BIOS during boot will allow for a screen that lets you choose what boot option you need.

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When you connected the Vaio did you try changing the selected monitro by using Fn and F7?