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One is a pleasant, airy building, whose corridors echo with the laughter of students and hum with quiet activity of people working hard in a job they love the other is gaunt, forbidding and silent except for the occasional muffled sob.

One leaves its gates open most of the time and its graduates are considered to brighten up any party the other operates its wretched craft behind locked doors and its members are regarded with disdain by right-thinking people. Shockingly enough, when you trust a sleazy website filled with human misery that is packed butthole to eyebrows with legal problems (we mean TMZ, not Porn Hub), it sometimes backfires on you.

Most of our state food questions are generated by elementary/secondary students working on state reports. They reported that the Indians feasted on wild turkey, game, fish, melons, and squash.

Many of you have to prepare a food representative of your state. If you need more information (looking for state foods connected with a particular period/people? Around 1700, two French brothers...established an all-male settlement..Mobile, Alabama..after arriving..young women staged a petticoat rebellion against the crude food of the settlement, which mainly consisted of game, fish, wild plants, and berries...

Eighty-seven percent of the population considers itself Slovene, while Hungarians and Italians constitute significant groups and have the status of indigenous minorities under the Slovenian Constitution, guaranteeing them seats in the National Assembly.

Because cuisine is not easily defined by political boundaries.

If your teacher asks you to research/bring in a food that represents a particular state, you have several options: ABOUT THIS SITE: The food notes provided for each state are meant as starting points for your research.

, given that one is a strange, often horrifying look at a world of constant betrayal, strange magic and a world constantly teetering on the brink of annihilation, while the other is about John Constantine, but I stand by it."A Bait and Switch Comparison is often used to deliver a Take That!

The basic setup of the joke is to make a comparison between two things and imply that certain properties are associated with one thing, then assign them to the other.

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The Croats spent centuries under the Austro-Hungarian empire and their Catholicism and Central European outlook were equally important in shaping their identity.