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Bishamonten, Jikokuten, Zochoten, Komokuten, Mokoi, Neko Shogun, Nigi Mitama, Kusi Mitama, Ara Mitama, Saki Mitama, Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, Pixie (P3P) Siegfried, Loki, Oukuninushi, Cu Chulainn, Ardha, Helel, Yoshitsune, Oberon (P4) Yoshitsune, Cu Chulainn, Ardha, Helel (P4AU) An elegant lady and a resident of the Velvet Room, Margaret has platinum-blonde hair, pale skin and golden eyes — traits shared with her siblings.She is said to be unbelievably beautiful, and Rise even expresses envy of her beauty when the Investigation Team encounters her.Since meeting Sonic on Little Planet, Amy has become his self-proclaimed girlfriend and has attempted to win his heart by any means during their adventures.She wields the Piko Piko Hammer, a powerful melee weapon which she uses with skills second to none and never leaves home without.

This also makes it clear that Margaret is highly loyal to her master Igor., the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are a group of high schoolers (and a cat) in Tokyo out to rid the world of evil by "stealing the hearts" of corrupt members of society.Their Personas are styled after various picaresque heroes, both fictional and real.Like her siblings, she is dressed entirely in dark blue with matching high heel shoes and uses black and golden accessories.Additionally, Margaret carries around a purple book, entitled "Le Grimoire".

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A new door will appear at the left side of the Tartarus lobby when the protagonist (regardless if male or female) pursues the good ending by not killing Ryoji.

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