Radgrid edit not updating

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As you might have known already from my previous post, in one of my projects we use Telerik Controls extensively for showing various GUI controls. Lot of people have asked me, why I hate them, hence for the benefit of the community, I have decided to document the reasons of my hatred for Telerik controls.Telerik has provided a lot of controls that could be used in variety of situations. Map Path("~/App_Data/Nwind.mdb") Dim conn As New Ole Db Connection(cnctn String) Dim adapter As New Ole Db Data Adapter() adapter. View State("_gds") = table Return table End If End Get End Property Private Sub Rad Grid1_Need Data Source(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik. When using the second or third approach, you can refresh the grid content inside an Update Command event handler.

After Update is called, the fields change back to the original values (before typing the changes).The code change suggested for Scott did not work in my case. I am calling the Bind Web Data Grid in the Page_Load.If the page is a post back, the page_load is exited with a return statement. Hello Jay, Please, note the difference between Simple and Advanced databinding as demonstrated in the linked online examples and the related help topics.The database is changed to the values that were typed in, but those aren't reflected in the grid.Only after a refresh is the current data displayed. I'm not sure what method would be preferred, because Scott's issue was very similar to mine.

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They have provided lots of demos for various controls that they provide.

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