Consolidating web sites

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With 592,337 cars built in 2016, the Ingolstadt parent plant is the Audi Group’s largest production facility and Europe’s second-largest car factory.Globally networked, Audi Ingolstadt is the company’s flagship plant in terms of its technological prowess.[This post later served as a jumping-off point for a 30-minute webinar: Waterfalls 101: How to read a waterfall chart] I keep running into executives who are being presented waterfall charts and don’t know how to interpret them.Today I thought it would be a good idea to take a bird’s eye view of a typical performance waterfall – pre- and post-acceleration – that you can take away for your own reference or pass along to anyone you think could benefit from having this information.This is easier said than done as retail big data use cases are a function of your creative thinking.To stimulate that thinking, consider the following retail big data examples.Sure, you can acquire big data technology, but without understanding and hypothesizing how previously hidden data can be harvested and applied to business processes, challenges or opportunities, big data becomes another shelfware solution with a disappointing payback and short lifespan.

Each of these objects makes its own roundtrip between the server and the browser.The Technical Development division of AUDI AG has its headquarters in Ingolstadt.About 8,600 employees work in an area of approximately 33.5 hectares (83 acres) and approximately 1,700 more work in Neckarsulm.In the case of performance waterfalls, they let you see the series of actions that occur between a user and your server in order for that user to view a specific page of your site.Here’s what a waterfall looks like for a site* that has not been optimized in any way: To the uninitiated, this is a mess.

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