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However..the guy cheats with a girl that is less attractive to the one he is originally interested in then he is either... This then gives the original girl the right to either get mad or laugh at you. No one should ever steal a man's alcohol from that man's cooler..is the only law that suffers the penalty of death. When bringing condoms to a party it is a man's responsibility to pack two in his pockets and one in his car as a spare incase a friend is in desperate need. The driver of the car has no authority to decide on who gets shotgun. Spanking of a woman's ass or pulling of the hair is permitted if done on request. Grilling regardless of weather is always the first choice for cooking. No man shall ever own a dog smaller then a housecat 48. No man shall ever turn down free beer because "it’s not their brand." 50.

If a legitimate confrontation comes up where the rightful owner of the shotgun can not be determined then it will be decided by one round of paper rock scissors (with no shoot). Corporal punishment is permitted excluding obvious extremes. No man shall be shamed if they are passed out with their shoes off in your place. The bottle/can/cup should never reach lukewarm temperature with beer still in it. If you cant drink it in said time, your man status will be up for review. Always accept beer from a stranger, but only if unopened/capped. It is never a man’s responsibility to empty the trash while drinking. It is acceptable for a man to break man laws, if no other option is humanly possible, in the pursuit of the opposite sex.

Whilst our team has expanded over the years, we're still a family-run business, operating out of a converted barn on a farmyard in Northamptonshire, and pride ourselves on our friendly customer-service and the fact that we are the only independent dating site for genuine country-minded people.

At Muddy Matches we have over 130,000 members who all have one thing in common: they love the countryside!

So if you’re single and looking for someone who’s not averse to a bit of mud, we’re the site for you.

Your security is our number one priority, so all new member profiles are manually vetted and scrutinised by our in-house customer service team to make sure only genuine country people are on this site. So we've made Muddy Matches to reflect your busy, outdoors lifestyle. Lots of people live in the country but enjoy the buzz of the city, or some are city dwellers who like to don their wellies at weekends Take our Muddy-Townie quiz to get your ratio, wear it like a badge of honour and search for other members by their Muddy-Townie ratio.

We work hard to make sure that your safety and privacy are never compromised. You can use our site on your computer, tablet and mobile phone. If you’ve been on the site for a while it might be time to give your profile a makeover.

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(The exception to this law is if the driver is hooking up with his own girlfriend, the law is then void and the driver still holds full responsibility of driving his friend’s home) 5. Unless in a participating in a sporting event that demands shorter shorts. As men we are obligated to sacrifice and pay it forward for each other knowing that the favor will one day be replayed. When calling shotgun, all riders of the car must be outside, and shotgun can only be called when the car is in view. No man in any circumstance, unless mocking a violator of this law, should pop his collar. A man should never be denied the right to adjust himself or place his hands down his pants under any circumstances. Being a Pirate should be considered a Manly job because pirates get two types of booty. This is in effect while they are dating or "together." If they are separated refer to Law 3 for the proper way to handle the situation.